Tiny Hand


What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter?

An irrelephant.


….And He Carried the Memory of Home….

can we address the elephant in the room

he trapped




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Houston Zoo baby elephant gets loose on April Fools’ Day


Sabaidee pimay! Day 1 of Lao New Year is the final day of the old year in the Lao calendar. Here in Luang Prabang locals begin the day with elephant processions at the temples, after which they build stupas on the temple grounds or on the banks of the Mekong out of sand and decorate them with flags, money and offerings. (at Luang Prabang Fountain)


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Cinderella Syndrome: A Princess Is Born (part 3 of 3)

When an elephant looks heavily pregnant, it can still be weeks to months before a birth takes place, so I assumed that I wouldn’t be lucky enough to witness Wynona’s latest addition to the family from birth. But, within forty-eight hours of her getting harassed by the also pregnant and high ranking Susan, she appeared on a dark night with her daughter and her daughter’s daughter and her adolescent son. This was Wynona’s core family group, a splinter of the much larger Actor family that I had grown accustomed to seeing.
When I heard a calf bellow from the vantage of my tent on the third level of our research tower, I rolled over in my sleeping bag and turned on the night-vision scope to see the tiny and very wet Liza being extracted from the waterhole by Wynona’s attentive trunk. We’ve been watching Liza’s social progress as a “Cinderella” daughter ever since, with every indication that she will become a princess of a new matriarchal line as Wynona breaks away from her larger family.

The severing of family ties, possibly to keep the group to the optimum size for survival, might not be as passive as I had assumed. The question remains as to whether some family members are more equal than others and why—

Stay tuned in July for updates from the field on how Liza is doing.

Keep Calm and Hug an Elephant.